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John Dahlbäck, the young Swedish producer with mad skillzz

I first heard John Dahlbäck back in early early 2004 when I was super obsessed(well, still am) with The Knife. His remix of “Pass This On” was a straightforward, driving, extremely well produced house tune with a tough, dark edge. I continued to follow John Dahlbäck and his cousin Jesper (together they are appropriately, Dahlbäck and Dahlbäck) through their house music journeys. Putting together a few dates…. I came to realize, John Dahlbäck was born in 1985 and his remix of The Knife came out in 2003. This kid was 18 when he made the “Pass This On” remix! Amazing! John Dahlbäck is also the founder of the record label Pickadoll. Read more and listen to all of his rad tunes right chea —>

John Dahlbäck’s Soundcloud

Pass This On (Dahlback and Dahlback remix)

John Dalback – Blink by John Dahlback

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