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Mighty Mouse – “Late Night Disco Mix 1”


ESCORT is about drop their debut album and we can’t wait!!

OKDeejays favorite live disco group ESCORT are preparing to release their debut full length and we’re super excited! We’ve been repping their track “Cocaine Blues” all summer…its the jam by the way! Their new track “Caméleon Chameleon”, just dropped a few days ago and its super tough, check it out! The album drops digitally on November 15th, get ready!


Escort: “Caméleon Chameleon” [Club Remix]

[audio:http://www.nightvisionsradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Caméleon-Chameleon-Club-Remix.mp3|titles=Caméleon Chameleon (Club Remix)]


Look to TIGER AND WOODS for the perfect disco edit

TIGER AND WOODS are creating some of the biggest disco edits available on vinyl! There isn’t too much info on this tough duo comprised of members Larry Tiger and David Woods. Everything you need from tracks to tour dates can be found on their Facebook page —— HERE

Check out their great edit ‘Gin Nation’ below.