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A quiet Sunday evening with The Screamers.

Possibly the gnarliest 70s punk band to eschew both guitar and bass, L.A.’s The Screamers influenced a whole generation of west coast wierdos despite never officially recording or releasing any material. Led by spazzed out lead singer Tomata du Plenty and keyboard player Tommy Gear, The Screamers mixed droney synths and furious drumming with du Plenty’s manic vocal delivery and theatrical sensibilities. Sounds weird on paper, but trust me, this shit smokes. Even though there are no official albums or singles recorded there are a handful of live bootlegs and demos floating around that are definitely worth a listen if you can track em down, and thanks to the miracle of youtube, we can all enjoy a taste of The Screamers gratis. If you’re a fan of first wave american punk, synths, Suicide, no wave, or just sitting by your lonesome snorting huge lines of adderall with the speakers maxed, chances are you’ll dig these guys. You’re gonna have to go back to work tomorrow morning, so why not treat yourself to a pummeling courtesy of The Screamers?