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AMAZING.  Describes the mixes and music of this rad Belgium music producer, Stephen Fasano.  Once half of the equally smooth and talented Aeroplane,  The Magician now flys solo.  Right after their(lets just say “received” album) dropped (pitchfork review here) last year, Stephen Fasano and Vito De Luca split ways, apparently due to artistic differences.  The two have remained friends says Vito “There are worse things in life! Stephen’s gonna do music on his own, I’m gonna do music on my own. I’m the studio guy, he was more the DJ so when the music became more important, the more I was alone in the studio. The future of Aeroplane was this album and I wrote it and played every instrument.” The two are still on good terms: “He’s picking me up tomorrow at the airport. I’m probably going to produce the stuff he writes in the future and I’m not going to have a word to say about it!”
Glad these guys are still on good terms!  I’ve been really into The Magician and his Magic Tape mixes as of lately… but none of us can forget the Aeroplane February 2010 mix! Inspiring to say the least! Check out both of these amazing producers yourself and form your own opinion!  I listen to them at different times… Aeroplane early… The Magician late night! DOPE.











Magic Tape Thirteen by TheMagician

Magic Tape Thirteen by TheMagician
Yuksek “On A Train” (The Magician Remix) by TheMagician


Aeroplane July 2011 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)
Aeroplane “Chart Mix” February 2010 by Aeroplane (Official)

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